I Can’t Get No Satisfaction Looking for a New Law Office in Atlanta

atlanta_ga.jpgWhen I decided to leave my law office of over 10 years in Marietta, Georgia, I thought I could easily find a law firm with unused space or another group of attorneys from whom I could share expenses by subleasing to my law firm. I moved my law office from a historic-turned-office building where I enjoyed sharing space with 8 other lawyers.
I wasted time, energy and valuable billing time trying to find a new law office located closer to my home. I needed a web site targeting law firms and lawyers who desired to list and share their unused office space. None existed. Thereby, I created www.lawspacematch.com for assisting the legal profession, specifically those groups of attorneys and/or law firms which have surplus space and those attorneys seeking a turn-key law office. Save time and overhead costs with none of the aggravation that I experienced when landing in my new Buckhead law office. Find satisfaction and go to www.lawspacematch.com.
The benefits of sharing space with other lawyers include reduced overhead, exposure to other expert lawyers and additional resources for your law office which may not be affordable on your own. Our group of lawyers had no problems sharing a receptionist, the conference room, copier, kitchen and other resources. And, it was helpful having an attorney practicing downstairs who could help out for an occasional inquiry about real estate legal issues. The camaraderie was good. I got to hear about fascinating death row criminal law cases from the defense lawyer’s prospective and, lastly, the price was right.
For various reasons, including the desire to avoid the 40 minute round-trip commute, I decided to move my law office within the City of Atlanta. I didn’t necessarily have a drop dead date; however, it was not as easy as I thought. The target office was a similar space sharing situation or a law firm with an office to lease or sublet for a good rental rate. I searched and found nothing. I scoured the Fulton Daily Report. I spent one rainy night at the office scouring Craigslist only to find unacceptable options for my new office space. Sure, I could have tried LinkedIn but it is not targeted toward lawyers. The Georgia Bar Journal and the Atlanta Bar Association had little to no listings of empty space and the few listings that were available were in undesirable geographic areas. The goal was to move my office closer to my home.
Finally, I targeted a handful of office buildings in the Buckhead area; I knocked on the doors of various law offices located within those buildings. Instead of my fingers doing the typing to find a new law office, I was letting my feet do the walking, simultaneously losing valuable billable time and many hours of packing client files. I eventually landed in an office on East Paces Ferry Road and am now sharing space with several other attorneys who have complimentary law practices. The search was not an easy one.
The internet provides an array of products and services for lawyers – but not an exclusive space sharing website where attorneys can post their available space and also search for the appropriate, geographically desirable law office for subleasing. Until now – go to www.lawspacematch.com.
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