Unique Space available for Sublease at YOON LLP – outside Grand Central Terminal- NYC


Sharing lawspace with attorneys who possess a proven courtroom track record and extensive experience with some of the top law firms in New York City is an advantage.   A young lawyer seeking a space sharing arrangement  in a prized location need not look further.   See  (YOON LLP.)  http://www.yoonkimlaw.com/.  In 2016, this law firm was named Asian Pacific American-Owned law firm of the year.

This law firm was formed by attorneys who were drawn together by a common vision.  They provide the highest quality legal services to Fortune 1000 companies as well as to individuals and minority-owned businesses. Their clients value their responsiveness, attention to detail and deep commitment to obtaining successful results.  Share this great space with the six skilled lawyers of Yoon, LLP.

The LawSpaces available at YOON LLP include:

Sublease 1 or 2 furnished offices: Two large and beautifully furnished law office spaces with cubicle spaces available. Very Clean and Spacious.

Interior work station space available for sublease immediately. This space is perfect for your legal secretary or paralegal.

The location is in mid-town Manhattan on 44th Street and Madison. The law firm also has
1) A large, beautifully furnished conference room,
2) A smaller conference room,
3) A Shared Kitchen and Copy/ Scan/ Fax machine.  Check out the amenities today.

Do not miss out on this opportunity- LawSpace in the heart of New York City!

Contact the law firm:  jliu@yoonllp.com

11 East 44th Street, 5th Floor
New York, New York 10017
tel: 212.584.0058
fax: 212.584.0059

We Care. LawSpaceMatch Supports Run For Justice 2017


“Stand up for what is right, even if you’re standing alone” is one of the famous quotes which helps us understand the importance of supporting justice, standing up for the right cause no matter how difficult it is.

RUN FOR JUSTICE is a fun and an easy way to show your support for Atlanta Legal Aid and their great work!  They provide civil legal services to persons with very low incomes in Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Clayton and Cobb counties.  Last year, Legal Aid attorneys assisted over 50,000 people and handled over 24,000 cases, primarily involving housing, family, and senior citizens issues.  Begun in 1924 by 17 prominent local attorneys, Atlanta Legal Aid has meant access to justice for countless individuals, who would otherwise be shut out of an increasingly complex legal system because they do not have the money to hire a lawyer.   Check out what they are doing today at www.atlantalegalaid.org

The 27th Run for Justice will start in Oakhurst on November 11th, 2017 at 9:00 am.  Your support is needed.  Awards will be presented to the top 5-k finishers and teams in a variety of categories, including pets, children and strollers. Families, corporate, church, school and community teams are welcome.

LawSpaceMatch is one of the sponsors for this race.   We support  the Atlanta Legal Aid Society, and we hope you will too.

See you at the race!

Need a convenient Alpharetta law space office rental? Here you go.

More and more attorneys these days are opting to work from their home offices, rather than sit in traffic and travel to a law office. This will work some of the time, but what happens when you need to meet with a client? Meeting at your home or at a public location is probably not the most professional approach. However, leasing law space can be expensive, especially if you are a solo practitioner and/or have a small law practice. Good news; there is an alternative. What about sharing office space with, or subleasing from, another attorney? Sharing office space or subleasing can dramatically cut costs which will enable you to meet your clients in a more professional setting, instilling your client’s confidence in your abilities. Let’s face it, appearances should not matter, but they do. They matter even more to clients you are trying to attract.

Check out this listing for office space in highly desired Alpharetta:

Beautifully finished law space has 3 private offices, a conference room, 1 workroom/storage, 1 restroom, and a combined office in the back of the suite.   http://www.lawspacematch.com/listing-details/530601

This is one of the nicest condominiums rented at North Point Park. The square footage is 1175, but could expand into a bonus room for a total of 1,575 square feet.

North Point Park office condominiums are conveniently located directly off North Point Parkway between Haynes Bridge and Kimball Bridge road. Please note that showings are by appointment only. Please do not disturb business.

Available Oct. 1. Don’t miss your chance on this one.

Contact attorney Jennifer Gore.   Jennifer@gorefirm.com

Professional, Modern, and Hip Law Office Sub-lease Located in the Heart of the Hollywood Entertainment & Media District!

Share Law Space with “Lawyers for the Digital Millennium.”

There are two offices available immediately on the penthouse floor of a beautifully renovated classic art deco 1928 building located at Hollywood Blvd and Vine Street (the best-known intersection in the world). Each office available is a petite corner office with optional secretarial bay for professionals in the entertainment industry, tech industry, or other related field. Sub-lease includes access to our conference room and internet service. Offices are leased on a month-to-month basis.

Two Offices Available for Immediate Move-In:

  • $1,250.00 per office
  • Optional secretarial bay for $150.00 per month

Features of the Office:

  • Building has 24/7 Front Desk Security
  • Conference Room
  • Fiber Optic Wi-fi
  • Copy machine available at $0.25 per page
  • Scanner
  • Fax
  • Gym
  • Parking available offsite

You will be sharing this law space with the prestigious attorneys of Yu Leseberg, a Los Angeles entertainment law firm. Helen Yu Leseberg, the principal attorney at Yu Leseberg, has handled legal transactions for the members of The Black Eyed Peas, Keith Harris, David Guetta, Solomon Burke, and more.

If interested, please contact Helen Yu.

Phone number: (310) 286-7667

Email address: helenyu@hyulaw.com

Website: www.yuleseberg.com

To Start or not to Start? That is the Question.

Are you thinking about opening a solo law firm? Starting a solo law practice allows you to be your own boss and work when, where, and on what you like.  Drawbacks of opening a solo law practice include being solely responsible for everything (finances, management, marketing, etc.) and possibly longer hours.  So before you start a solo law practice, read on for some things you should know beforehand.

Understand Yourself

The first thing you should do when deciding to start your own law practice is to ask yourself the following questions. Do I have the right skills and attitude to run my own business? How well do I tolerate risks? Am I an entrepreneur? Running your own business requires managerial, finance and marketing skills. Not only do you have to be confident with your legal knowledge, but you also have to be willing to learn or refine your business skills. 

Game Plan

If you still want to open a solo law firm after assessing your entrepreneurial and legal skills, develop a plan of action for your practice.

  •  Pick one or two areas of law you want to specialize in. Make sure you choose the right area of law to focus on because some areas are harder to get into.
  • Identify who your ideal clients are and  your specific  business goals:  do you want to reach a revenue goal or an experience goal?
  • Be sure to establish a financial, management, and marketing plan.  See if an intern at a local community college will help with your media plan.
  • Let people know that you are starting your own firm and your law practice specialty.  Join professional organizations that cater to your specialty. Networking is a great source for referrals.
  • Decide what kind of office environment is right for you. Instead of signing a lease for a year find an office  where you can share expenses by seeking other lawyers with empty law space.  Shared law office space is a no brainer as a  solo attorney.  The benefits  of sharing a law office space include: reduced rent, shared office equipment and conference rooms, and built-in networking and referral opportunities. Lawspacematch.com is a great way to find empty law  office space.

Use Legal Apps

Legal apps can assist you in working remotely and being a paperless law practice.

  • Cloud-based apps can be used for document authoring, file sharing, and backups. It provides mobility, flexibility, and security.
  • Google Docs/Sheets/Slides enables users to compose, edit, and share word processors, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Dropbox allows you to store files in folders that can be private, public, or shared with certain users.
  • CrashPlan provides a safe and reliable means of backing up your documents.
  •  See Three Cloud-Based Tools Every Law Practice Needs – http://www.legalinkmagazine.com/2014/07/three-cloud-based-tools-every-law-practice-needs/ for more information. 

Consider getting a Mentor

Having more experienced attorneys in your law space who can help by advising about how to set flat rates or billing hours, counsel about a particular area of law outside of your growing expertise, valuable introductions to other lawyers and judges and lastly, perhaps referral business.   Again, you can find your mentor with shared law space.

We All Share


Sharing. It’s happening everywhere. Not only are people sharing office space, including law space, they are sharing cars, bikes, clothing and equipment. A number of sharing services have popped up in recent years, including ride-sharing services like Uber, Zimride and Lyft. Let’s not forget home-sharing services such as Airbnb. So, this trend of sharing continues. While efficiency may be at the heart of the matter, there is also the aspect of being in an efficient mode (whether you are seeking to create a small law office within another larger law office, or renting a ballgown for an upcoming event).

Ridesharing, apartment/home lending, peer-to-peer lending, reselling, coworking, talent-sharing… The sharing economy, sometimes also called the collaboration economy, is taking off in all sorts of niches. Sharing. It also inspires new legislation. For instance, a top official at the ride-sharing service Lyft and Senator Bo Watson of Tennessee created a new law that allows for car-booking companies to operate statewide to serve as model to other states.  Even Google has entered the new ride-share service arena. It comes down to offering people (including lawyers) a way to use data and space effectively for people to have access to when and where they want it. Co working has become and looks like it will stay the trend.

Overall, there seems to be economies of scale and substantial benefit in sharing. That is why they call it the Sharing Economy!


Increase Your Law Firm’s Marketing Visibility

Are you looking for ways to market your law firm to future clients? Read on for some ideas to boost your law firm’s visibility.

1.         Create a Logo Design or Branding Sign for your Law Firm

A logo is a visualization of your company’s brand and can help clients recognize your law firm. A customized law firm branding sign can list your firm’s name, practice areas and website. You can display your logo and branding sign in the lobby of your office or in advertisements. Branding signs can cost $45.00.

 2.         Get Listed in a Niche Directory

A niche directory is a web directory that focuses on a particular industry or theme and lists relevant companies in its directory. Participating in a niche directory can help future clients find your business easier and faster. Niche directory services can cost $99.00 a month. 

3.         Utilize Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses a variety of strategies (keywords, content, social media, etc.) to increase visitors to a website by increasing its page rank on search engines. Search Engine Optimization services can cost $399.00 a month. 

4.         Be Featured as a Guest on a Radio Podcast

As a featured guest on a radio podcast, you can broadcast your legal experience and firm specialties to an audience of future clients. Radio podcast interviews can be replayed numerous times, published to your website/social media accounts and Search Engine Optimized. Radio podcast interviews can cost $499.00.  

5.         Hire a Marketing Company

Marketing companies can employ different tactics to promote your business and advise your law firm on how to attract more clients. A law firm marketing plan can cost $599.00 a month. 

 6.         Share an Office Space

Working in a shared office space with other attorneys is another way to market your law firm. Attorneys who share an office space can refer clients to each other and split the expenses of networking. Sharing an office space not only offers marketing benefits, but also cost reducing measures like shared office equipment and reduced rent. 


Before pursuing a costly marketing technique consider sharing an office space. Lawspacematch.com efficiently connects attorneys looking for a shared office with law firms who are looking to rent out empty office space. 



Picture Source: http://www.expansionplus.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Internet-Marketing-Email-Banner.png

Office Space Rebooted

A new wave of office space design has arrived. And lawyers are keen to replicate this new law office space set up. Many workplaces have scrapped their traditional office plan for an open office plan. Traditional office plans are stuffed with cubicles, dominated by segregated areas and hinders collaboration. Open office plans remove the physical barriers of the traditional office, which increases interaction among coworkers, creates more common areas and reduces operating costs.

According to Cresa Atlanta¹ (a corporate real estate advisory firm), big law firms are also embracing the open office plan by creating more spaces for teamwork and introducing wall-less offices. Some top trends in law office redesign include providing a variety of work areas (including more collaborative space), integrating advanced technology, implementing flexible office design to remodel quickly to future change and “going green.”

Solo and small law firms can adopt the open office plan through coworking spaces, which allow individual professionals to work independently, but also collaboratively in a shared office. Working from home has its distractions and renting a traditional office is expensive. Being a member in a coworking space can help you focus and connect with other lawyers in the office. Building relationships with attorneys in your coworking space can lead to referrals and opportunities to brainstorm together. 

Other benefits of participating in a coworking space is not having to deal with a long-term lease, high rent and purchasing office amenities. Coworking spaces can “go green” by using a shared printer and scanner to reduce paper waste. Mail, packages and trash can all be picked up or delivered to one location, which results in a reduced carbon footprint. Solo and small law firms can reap numerous benefits from being a member in a coworking office. 

Lawspacematch.com is a great tool to jumpstart your way into a coworking office space. 

  • We help connect attorneys searching for a shared office with law firms who have excess office space. 
  • Attorneys can easily search for their desired law space and law firms can conveniently post key cost-reducing information about their available offices. 
  • Lawspacematch.com can help you save time and money. 

  Consider changing your law space design in 2017. 

¹ https://www.cresa.com/files/64212_Cresa_BigLaw.pdf

Picture Source – http://www.gfiatl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/office_reconfiguration_720px.jpg

Opportunity to Lease a Great Office in Texas and Collaborate with Other Lawyers!


Two Offices Available for Immediate Move-In:

  • One small office at $500.00 a month (perfect for a starting lawyer)
  • One regular sized office with a paralegal station at $1,400.00 a month

Features of the Office:

  • All utilities included
  • Receptionist
  • Phone with long distance capabilities
  • Copier
  • Scanner
  • Fax machine
  • Internet and Wi-Fi with secure server
  • Furnished waiting area
  • Kitchenette
  • Open parking
  • Conference room with multimedia teleconference capability is available to rent by the hour or day
  • In-house video production is available for depositions, broadcasts, ipod casts, or commercials
  • Building is secured with an alarm system and offices are HIPAA compliant
  • In-house runner, licensed process server, notary and IT department

This newly updated office building is easily accessible for clients from Dallas Metro to Fort Worth. The building will have new flooring and paint put in soon. The offices are leased on an annual basis.

You will be sharing this space with a nationally accredited and recognized civil litigator, seasoned and active Tarrant County family lawyer and a probate/oil and gas lawyer. They are a laid back group that collaborates and consults with each other. They are looking for someone with the same style of practice, preferably a board certified trial lawyer, but will consider others. The law practice includes all areas except for criminal, medical malpractice and immigration. 

Additional Information about the Office: 

They are also looking for starting lawyers who want to join their growing practice!

If interested, please contact Jennifer K. Gjesvold

Email: JGjesvold@gmail.com

Cell: 541-974-5091

Fax: 817-605-9964

front-office office-space office-space-2outside-2

LawSpaceMatch.com supports Run for Justice 2016!

LawSpaceMatch.com rallies with its sponsorship of Run for Justice in Atlanta, Georgia for the fifth year!  We support Atlanta Legal Aid Society. Run for Justice 2013 Are you also interested in participating in a fun crisp autumn day run for a great cause?

On November 12, 2016 at 9:00 AM the Atlanta Legal Aid Society is holding its 26th Run for Justice. This event will benefit the general operating fund of the Atlanta Legal Aid Society.

The beautiful 5K course begins and ends at One Step at A Time, 650 East Lake Drive, Decatur, GA 30030. There is also an option to participate in the 5K walk, great for families and children! Jogging strollers, kids and pets are welcome. Run for Justice also welcomes families, community, corporate, school and church teams!

Awards will be presented to the top 5K finishers and teams in various categories, including children, strollers and pets.

Each participant will receive a dri-weave t-shirt (XXL and above are an additional $3.00). Children’s sizes are available in white cotton.

Regular registration is $25.00 in advance. Run for Justice starts at 9:00 AM so participants are encouraged to arrive no later than 8:30 AM. Registration begins at 7:45 AM on the day of the run.

Please visit runforjustice.org for more information and to register for the event.

Interested in sponsoring Run for Justice? Visit rfjsponsors.atlantalegalaid.org.

Volunteer opportunities are available.

Fun Facts about Run for Justice:

  • Over 1,000 registered participants
  • 25% of participants were families
  • 50% of participants competed in previous Run for Justice events
  • 95% had university and/or post-graduate degrees
  • 95% lived and worked within the perimeter
  • 10% were competitive runners
  • Over 40 law firms and corporations fielded teams

If you have any additional questions, please contact

Angie Tacker

Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc.




From the Atlanta Legal Aid Society:

The Run for Justice is a fun, easy way to show your support for Atlanta Legal Aid and the great work we do! We provide civil legal services to persons with very low incomes in Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Clayton and Cobb counties.  Last year, Legal Aid attorneys assisted over 50,000 people and handled over 24,000 cases, primarily involving housing, family, and senior citizens issues. Begun in 1924 by 17 prominent local attorneys, Atlanta Legal Aid has meant access to justice for countless individuals, who would otherwise be shut out of an increasingly complex legal system because they do not have the money to hire a lawyer. Check out what we are doing today at www.atlantalegalaid.org