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Office Space Rebooted

A new wave of office space design has arrived. And lawyers are keen to replicate this new law office space set up. Many workplaces have scrapped their traditional office plan for an open office plan. Traditional office plans are stuffed with cubicles, dominated by segregated areas and hinders collaboration. Open office plans remove the physical barriers of the traditional office, which increases interaction among coworkers, creates more common areas and reduces operating costs.

According to Cresa Atlanta¹ (a corporate real estate advisory firm), big law firms are also embracing the open office plan by creating more spaces for teamwork and introducing wall-less offices. Some top trends in law office redesign include providing a variety of work areas (including more collaborative space), integrating advanced technology, implementing flexible office design to remodel quickly to future change and “going green.”

Solo and small law firms can adopt the open office plan through coworking spaces, which allow individual professionals to work independently, but also collaboratively in a shared office. Working from home has its distractions and renting a traditional office is expensive. Being a member in a coworking space can help you focus and connect with other lawyers in the office. Building relationships with attorneys in your coworking space can lead to referrals and opportunities to brainstorm together. 

Other benefits of participating in a coworking space is not having to deal with a long-term lease, high rent and purchasing office amenities. Coworking spaces can “go green” by using a shared printer and scanner to reduce paper waste. Mail, packages and trash can all be picked up or delivered to one location, which results in a reduced carbon footprint. Solo and small law firms can reap numerous benefits from being a member in a coworking office. is a great tool to jumpstart your way into a coworking office space. 

  • We help connect attorneys searching for a shared office with law firms who have excess office space. 
  • Attorneys can easily search for their desired law space and law firms can conveniently post key cost-reducing information about their available offices. 
  • can help you save time and money. 

  Consider changing your law space design in 2017. 


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